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"Lana is one of the most dedicated professionals through her work at Ala Carte Realty. Lana does an exceptional job on any givin project. Lana is a well educated in the real estate industry with boundless energy. Intelligent team player. If you need a professional to do a job, make sure you have Lana doing that job. It's amazing to work with such a person."
-​Jeanne D.

"Lana is an honest, dependable and hard-working real estate professional. She is high energy and profoundly dedicated to her work and clients. In a market that has lost many realtors, Lana's experience and longevity is a testament of her integrity and passion for the real estate business. She will go above and beyond the standard expectation of a real estate broker, giving first class service to all who wish to purchase or sell a home. She conveys this same quality of professionalism to all the agents and staff that help make Ala Carte Realty a success. She is the model of what a real estate broker should be...personable, reliable and most importantly has a heart to serve others. She truly is one of a kind!"
- Karen G

"I really like Lana and her company, Ala Carte Realty." 
- Jackie S

"All of the agents are knowledgable and go the extra mile at Ala Carte Realty. You are not just someone to pitch a sale to. Lana has worked hard to build her company from the ground up, and it shows. Going with the personal touch will definitely pay off!"
- Maria O.

"The agent I worked with on the property was very caring and knew what I needed. She followed my requests exactly, always giving me updates and next time I purchase a home, I will go back to Ala Carte Realty."
- Greg S.

"Lana is a detail-oriented person who is able to envision the entire process as one entity. She is able to consult, advise, and orchestrate her knowledge through a variety of techniques."
- Jorja Eder-Duban

"We stumbled upon Ala Carte Realty, more specifically, our realtor Cindy, when we called about the first home we were investigating. It seemed to meet all the qualifications we were after to the T. Cindy came out and was very honest about the home and price and was willing to show us other homes we found of interest. There were a lot of hoops we had to jump as life is never easy and personal life was trying to thwart this adventure. She was incredibly understanding and was always ready to help us when we were ready.

Although we did like this house, we didn't want to be THOSE people that purchase the first home they find. She showed us several other homes that met our qualifications. By several, I mean at least 20 different homes. We were incredibly picky and overall those clients realtors hate. Cindy was far beyond patient. She was understanding, persistent, and easy to communicate with. After a month of searching and a few signs from the universe, we decided to go with the first house we looked at. We made a bid, that Cindy submitted for us, which ended up turning into a bidding war. Luckily, Cindy was willing to fight for us and we eventually won. We are just now waiting for the closing and will be moving in within the next month. I'm really happy Cindy was there to help us and put up with our spastic nature. She is a fantastic person and I promised her I would have her as a guest of honor to our house warming party. I plan to uphold that promise."
- Phylicia B.